Welcome to VetStoreRX!

 VetStoreRX is our new online pharmacy.  We are now open to serve our clients and patients.  Due to the increasing popularity of online shopping we want to offer an online shopping experience for our clients where you will find the same service and quality that you have in our hospital.  We carry not only prescription medications but also food, treats and accessories for all your pets needs.  We hope that this experience will give you the same convenience of ordering from home and having it shipped to your home without the worry in regards to quality and service.   To enter our store please click on the VetStoreRX button on the left of the screen.  Thank you and Happy Shopping!! 

 Instructions for Existing Clients

Please enter your user name and password to log onto your account.  Please choose the pet that you are purchasing a product for.  You can search our products by either typing a keyword in the search function or you can use the links to the left to browse products by category.  When you have found the product you want you can add it to your shopping cart and keep shopping or check out.

Instructions for Prescription Medications

If you are trying to purchase a prescription medication from our website you must have a current prescription on file from Dr. Matthew Wheelock, Dr. Jill Smith or Dr. Managan.  You can request a prescription by either creating a request on our VetStoreRX website or you can call Dilworth Animal Hospital and speak to a staff member.  Once your prescription has been approved it will be placed in your virtual medicine cabinet where you can request refills until the prescription expires or there are no more refills.  If you already have a current prescription it should already be in your virtual medicine cabinet.  Please select the medication you need to have filled and place it in your shopping cart; you can then proceed to check out or continue shopping.  

Prescription Approval

There may be times when you have to have prescriptions approved or must be confirmed as a patient at Dilworth Animal Hospital.  We can only sell prescription medication to active clients and patients that have been seen at Dilworth Animal Hospital by Dr. Wheelock or Dr. Smith.   If you are get a message that you have to be confirmed as a client or have your medication approved please allow at least 24 hours for this process.  If this is an emergency or you need the medication quickly please call the hospital and we will do our best to meet your need.  

Product Availability

Most products sold on our website will be shipped to you straight from the manufacturer.  If your order is received no later than 2:00pm same day shipping should apply.  If you can not find the product you are looking for on VetStoreRX we may not be able to sell it in an online capacity.  There are products that can not be sold online.  If you can not find the product you need please call us at Dilworth Animal Hospital and we will try to help you find it. 


 If you are having problems with your online account please contact the Front Desk at 704-808-7387.