We're seeing existing clients again!!!We're seeing existing clients again!!!We're seeing existing clients again!!!We're seeing existing clients again!!!

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Thank goodness we can keep on our fabulous staff!!!


12/4/19- First day back.  Recovering what we can.  Our sense of humor was not lost in the fire.  Thanks for Boehringer-Ingelheim for feeding us.

Containing the fire


11/29/19- Our neighbors called us at 3:28am informing us of a fire at the hospital. By the time we arrived, 27 fire fighters were on the scene.

The hospital when we arrived


The firefighters continued putting out the fire for several more hours.

Room 4- top of stairs


Extensive fire, water, and smoke damage.

Dental Suite- upstairs


Though fire was mostly on driveway side, fire did move through the attic affecting all of upstairs.

Entry Hallway and Guest Bath


This is an area that many of you have passed through, our hallway off of reception.  Water pipes burst above, flooding this room and the basement below.

Basic Information-

1) Computers are up (NO lost medical records!) Phones are up.

2) We are seeing existing clients on a limited basis by appointment at Carolina Animal Referral and Emergency.  Call our normal phone number to talk with reception about making an appointment.

3) On-line pharmacy is still working and will be checked daily for approval.

4) Call center during regular hours available for doctor consults by phone.  

5) Long Animal Hospital (704) 523-2996 has been wonderful in seeing any referring clients.  For emergency prescription refills, they have offered to help out as well.

6)  Temporary facilities that have surgical facilities are in the works and should be up in Very early January.

7) Lady Grace (building next door) that was already in the works as a Surgery and Dental center for Dilworth Animal Hospital, starts renovation on Monday (12/16/19).  Hopefully she will be fully functional in July/Aug 2020.


Dear Dilworth Animal Hospital Family,

Thank you so much for all of the love and support sent out and expressed to us and our staff. We have been so moved by the offers of help and kindness. This event has really brought home to us that Dilworth Animal Hospital is not a place. It is a family.

I know you may be curious about what is coming in the days ahead. Our first priority is to take care of our amazing staff and make sure the wonderful animals that bring us together get the care they need. 

To that end, our staff are rotating taking calls on the company cell phone to help you as best we can. We hope to have access to our offsite records via a new sever soon. We are monitoring the online pharmacy and email as well.

We will be setting up or finding a temporary facility. We hope to know much more next week when the holiday weekend is over. We will keep you informed of our progress with regular updates to our website.

We know many of you have a great attachment to the building just like we do. We have shared photos above, they are painful to see but family needs to know what’s going on and nothing explains it more clearly than these pictures.

Finally. I know that many of you are aware that the news reported no animals were injured in the fire. That is not accurate. Delilah the chameleon, Bebe and Caledonia the Leachies  (giant geckos), and our lovely crested geckos: Sony, Cher, Chocolate, Stump, Duncan, Bella, Little John and the Eastside boys all died in the fire. The amazing Charlotte firemen did rescue Goil, one of the giant geckos. We have her at our home with us now. Words can not express how grateful we are that the Fire Department valued her life and saved her,

With Love and Thanks, 

Jill and Matthew Wheelock and all of us at Dilworth Animal Hospital 

Our Philosophy-
Our philosophy can be summarized in two words: Compassionate Care.

This means top quality medicine paired with a sensitivity to the needs of your family.  We recognize that there are many factors that come into play for each patient and their family.  We strive to listen to and address all of these needs.  We take great pride in the amount of time devoted to educating our families. Your family deserves to know why a particular protocol is recommended and what the value of these treatments will be in the long term.  We also feel that it is important to help differentiate between what is needed versus what is optimal.  We will always treat your “family members” as if they were our very own.

We are honest, hardworking, and very good at the medicine that we practice.  We are also ferociously proud that we are able to help and serve our community around us.  Mostly we love what we do and we have a fun time doing it! 

Locally owned and operated

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